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Meetings have a lot of soft costs, hidden inefficiencies, and scheduling issues. Yaylo addresses these problems and makes meetings efficient, economical, and easier for everyone.
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Start a Circle for your meeting

It is a smart collaboration space for a meeting which all participants can use before, during, and after the meeting. It significantly increases meeting efficiency by automating tasks, offering real time recommendations, and having clearly assigned agenda items.

Yaylo Circle

How does it work?

Invite Yaylo

Add Yaylo's email address to meeting invitation.

Circle Created

Yaylo creates a Circle with all participants and agenda items.

Accelerate Work

People conveniently participate while Yaylo assists.

How can a Yaylo Circle help?

It makes meetings easier and efficient for everyone

Flexible Participation

A Circle is available to participants before, during, and after the meeting which makes collaboration easier for everyone.


Based on your meeting, relevant content and user recommendations are available in the Circle.

Tracks & Reminds

Yaylo increases accountability, tracks progress, and sends timely reminders to participants.

Does your work

You can give work to Yaylo to perform like creating agenda items, calling APIs, sending notifications & summary, etc.

What does the industry say about meetings?

Bain & Company
A weekly meeting took up 300,000 hours a year

Read the article here or view an interactive diagram on meeting ripple effect here.
Harvard Business Review
Stop the Meeting Madness

Read the article here or find the cost of your meeting here.
University of Pennsylvania
Meetings: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Read the article here.

What our users are saying


Add Files

Attach data files from your local devices or multiple cloud storage services like Microsoft Office 365 or Google Drive.

See Insights

Get operational intelligence on how your people and organization are performing.

Search Content

Find past meetings, figure out who made critical decisions, discover what worked in the past, and more.

Use Templates

Create reusable templates for your recurring meetings.


Out of the box integration with enterprise applications.

Yaylo Integrations

Why run Meetings in Yaylo Circle

Watch the video. It only takes 20 seconds.


Reduce cost, and increase meeting efficiency and effectiveness throughout your organization.
Generate better ideas

A multi-day collaboration offers greater mental space for deeper thinking and longer focus.

Get Operational Intelligence

See real-time progress and advanced analytics on different projects and meetings across your company.

Make decisions faster

Yaylo recommends realtime to help you make smarter decisions for your meetings and projects.

Reduce digital distractions

Reduces Slack and email noise and consolidates meeting-centric notifications in a Circle.

Preserve business knowledge

Yaylo preserves context for later review and builds knowledge equity of your organization.

Automate Circle creation

For your meeting needs, Yaylo can automatically create associated Circles with participants and agenda items.

About Us


Yaylo Inc. is an American software company based in the Washington D.C. area. Our SaaS solution optimizes meetings.

Our Vision

Profoundly increase meeting efficiency across the world.
Using Yaylo's platform and process, organizations can empower all their employees to run highly efficient meetings. This can have a huge impact on organization's business success.


Our SaaS platform offers Automation capabilities, AI features and industry recommended efficiency techniques. Yaylo's flexible architecture easily integrates with enterprises applications and major cloud vendors.


Our award winning team consists of technical experts with 15+ years of industry experience and have technical graduate degrees. They have led projects for Fortune 500 companies and U.S. government.

Yaylo, it works for everyone