Yaylo with Cisco Webex

Powerup your Webex meetings with Yaylo. It is now available in Cisco Webex Meeting.

Yaylo Meeting with Cisco Webex

Get Started

How to get Yaylo in Webex Meeting?
  • 1- Start a Webex Meeting.
  • 2- Click on the Apps button to see all available apps.
  • 3- Search for Yaylo
  • 4- Choose Yaylo form the list
  • 5- Login into the Yaylo app.
  • 6- Click on the Yaylo Meeting for your Webex call
  • 7- Select "Open together" or "Add tab".
  • 8- Enjoy your meeting with Yaylo and Webex together.
Yaylo Meeting with Cisco Webex

Get Yaylo from Cisco Webex AppHub

(Click on Webex icon above to go AppHub)